Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Menge Baptisms in Soedel

One of the strategies we had in our recent drive to find Ernst Menge's baptism in Germany was to figure out what other family groups were associated with the Menge's and if possible, what other locations might also be associated with them.  So we decided to go through the list of children that WERE recorded for Johann Ernst Menge (the church elder) and his wife, Anna Catharina Riess.  Here's what we came up with:

  • 1713 Georg:  looks like the godparent was Georg Stoll.  It can be noted that Joh. Georg Stoll m. Anna Marg. Riess (b 4.12.1680, m 23.2.1702, d 12.7.1726), daughter of Clemens Riess, sister to our Anna Catharina
  • 1715 Henry:  looks like godfather was Joh. Henrich Roder, who was a son of Anton Roder, of Marlbach (or something like that)
  • 1718 Anna Margareta: looks like named for somebody named Anna Margareta from Machstadt (this place was different from Marlbach - ends in STATT)
  • 1727 Caspar: looks like named for Caspar Wohd.  
We're still doing research into these new names and places, but every little clue helps to paint the bigger picture!

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