Sunday, February 7, 2016

Matthias Sommer of Moncton, New Brunswick?

As we know, I've recently been looking at the possibility of other Freistett Sommer relations having come to America, in particular, the oldest brother of our family group, Matthias Sommer. I've been going over my previous studies of men named Matthias, and so many of the same questions still remain.

But given that the names of Matthias and Christina appear as sponsors on the first-born child in America to my ancestor Georg Sommer, I started looking again at that story. A number of people have done some wonderful research on the subject of Matthias Sommer and wife Christina who went from Philadelphia to Moncton, Nova Scotia (now New Brunswick) in 1766. Is it possible that the Matthias Sommer who went to Canada was the oldest brother from my Freistett family group?

Well, I say a definite maybe!  A couple of clues have surfaced which I would love to discuss with other interested researchers. Feel free to contact me for more discussion.


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  2. See the updated details on this subject, June 2017.