Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Peter Mann - A DNA Connection?

Earlier this year, I found an autosomal DNA match that was “Extremely High” in confidence of a match, in the range of 4th-6th cousin. When I looked at the family tree for that person, five surnames matched between our two trees, and of those surnames, the only person that looked even remotely familiar to me was Peter Mann. According to the matched tree as well as other public trees, this Peter Mann was born in or around 1783, probably in New Jersey, and died in 1857 in Lawrence, Illinois. Could this be the Peter Mann I've been looking for?  (See my previous post here.)

I've done a little more digging on the subject, and you can read more details in my research article here.  We haven't proved the case yet, but maybe you have some clues or information that might help?  Feel free to contact me.

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