Saturday, April 27, 2013


The Menge family, both in Germany and early Philadelphia, were stocking-makers - Strumpfmacher.  For reference, I want to add this very interesting link on this topic.

Also the Soedel village genealogy has a cross-reference index by occupation.  Here are all the surnames associated with anything strumpf (strumpfmacher, strumpffabrikant, strumpfwirker, strumpfweber):

  • Christoph Conrad Bender, b 21.03.1727
  • Joh. Henrich Bender, b 17.06.1733
  • Joh. Martin Diehl Jr., b 13.03.1741
  • Johannes Jung, b 10.03.1753
  • Joh. Philips Klein, b 30.05.1719
  • Joh. George Menge, b 27.03.1713
  • Joh. Martin Diehl, b 03.12.1751
  • Joh. V. Vath Jr, b 16.10.1750
  • Joh. Martin der Altere Diehl, b 24.09.1727
  • Joh. Christoph Rohn, b 05.02.1730
ALL of these people were born in Soedel.  So it would appear to me that Soedel could support a whole lot of people making stockings! 

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